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How do I create a transparent logo?


Each gym can insert their own custom logo to replace the Wodify logo on the top left of the app.  It is highly suggested that the logo background is transparent.  The following article explains how to easily make a logo transparent by using the online photo editor Lunapic.

To make a logo transparent using Lunapic:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Choose File'; choose your logo
  3. Click 'Upload Now'
  4. Once the file loads, click Edit > Transparent
  5. Click the color you wish to become transparent
    • Example: My image below has a white background.  I want to make 'white' transparent: LunaPic___Free_Online_Photo_Editor__.png
  6. After uploading the image to Lunapic and clicking Edit > Transparent, click anywhere on the white background of image
  7. Lunapic will make any part of the image that is white transparent: Fullscreen_7_27_17__1_07_PM.png
  8. Click 'Save' and save the transparent image:


You have now created and saved a transparent logo to your computer.  Click here to learn how to add the transparent logo to Wodify.


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