How do I change how I pay Wodify?


This article is for Admins only. If you are just an athlete, this does not apply to you :) .

Admins can now update how they pay Wodify from within the Wodify app. To change your Wodify payment method:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click on 'Gym' > 'Account Info'
  3. Click '+ New Payment Method'
  4. Enter your payment method and click Save

Gyms with multiple locations can now use different payment methods for each location:

  1. Click into one payment method
  2. Click the 'Locations' drop down and choose the location or locations that should be paid for using this method
  3. Repeat for any other payment methods on file

Currently, Wodify accepts ACH and Credit Card payments. If you already have a payment method entered, click 'Make Default,' after saving your new payment method.