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How do I add a Lead contact form to my website?


A HTML web form can be generated from Wodify and added to any page on your website, including WordPress pages.  The web form allows visitors of your website a place to request more information about your gym.  A lead record will be created in Wodify for every web form submission from your website.

To generate your Web to Lead HTML:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'People' > 'Settings' >'Lead'
  2. Select the Default athlete status for converted lead
  3. Select the Email addresses to be notified when a new lead signs up, as well as a re-direct URL for leads signing up via the lead form
  4. Select your level of spam protection
    • No CAPTCHA: this will be the default option but is not recommended as this will allow spam leads to filter through your web form
    • reCAPTCHA 2.0 (recommended version): this version will provide the highest level of security on your site and web lead form.
  5. Click 'Generate new lead form'
    • Selected: these fields will display on the contact form on your website
    • Mandatory: these fields must be populated in order for the lead record to be successfully submitted to Wodify
  6. Click 'Generate' and copy the generated HTML code
  7. Paste the code onto a web page of your website
    • If you are using WordPress: Log in to Wordpress, click 'Pages', open the page you wish to paste your HTML code, paste your code into the 'text' tab and click 'Update.'
  8. To test your HTML, go to your webpage, enter test contact information and click 'Submit.' Log in to Wodify admin and click the 'Leads' tab. Verify your test lead has been created. 


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