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What is Lead status?


Lead Status allows Admins to see where a Lead is in the sales cycle.  Available Lead Statuses are:

  1. New
    • The default Lead Status for leads created within Wodify or from a web form
  2. Contacted
    • Signals that an admin has communicated with the lead in some form
    • IMPORTANT: When an activity or email is logged against a Lead with 'New' status, the lead's Lead Status will automatically change to 'Contacted'
  3. Trial
    • Signals the lead is ready to attend their first class
    • Leads in Trial status can sign in to the Coachboard - IMPORTANT! Any results logged to the lead will not be carried over if the lead is converted to an athlete
    • 'Trial' label can be edited to any label you wish
  4. Converted
    • Converted leads will automatically have their status changed to 'Converted'
    • IMPORTANT: Once a lead is converted it can never be edited
  5. Disqualified
    • Signals the lead has decided not to join your box
    • Disqualified leads can be edited and later changed to any other Lead Status, even converted to an Athlete
  6. Deleted
    • Signals the lead has been deleted from Wodify


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