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How do I create a waiver?


You can create Waivers within Wodify for each specific program.

To Create a New Waiver Template:

  1. Go to Documents > Waivers
  2. Select the Templates' tab at the top of the page
  3. Click + New Waiver in the top right corner

When you create this new waiver, you have the option to create a brand new template, or, if you have another waiver in Wodify that you want to duplicate as a base, you can choose an existing waiver from the 'Base this waiver on' drop down and click 'Ok'

Creating Your Waiver:

  1. Name the Waiver and choose the information that would like to make mandatory from the athletes
  2. Enter your Terms into the available text box and add an '[initial]' text after any section for which you would like the athletes to initial
  3. Add any questions that you would like the athlete to answer under Questionnaire
  4. Edit the email template that is sent to athletes notifying them that they have a waiver that will need to be signed
  5. Choose the programs to assign to the waiver
    • NOTE: If an athlete has access to multiple programs and separate waivers are created for each program the athlete WILL have to sign multiple waivers.
  6. Save the waiver as Published when you are finished and ready for athletes to sign
  7. Click Preview to view your newly created waiver
  8. Click Save once you are finished


NOTE: If this is the first time creating a waiver it will ask if you would like to send a notification for all athletes who have access to this specific program. If you edit this waiver after it has been signed it will also prompt you to re-send the updated waiver to those athletes who have signed the original. 


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