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How do I manage waivers?


Admins and managers can manage all waivers from directly within the 'Waivers' portion under 'Documents'. In this area you can view missing waivers, signed waivers, and can edit or create new waivers.

To view which athletes have not signed a waiver:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin > 'Documents' > 'Waivers'
  2. Click 'Missing' 
  3. This list will show a list of all athletes with missing waivers and will display an athlete's name multiple times if they have multiple missing waivers.

If you have signed waivers from all of your athletes that are stored outside of Wodify you have 3 options: 

  1. Best Practice: when you create your new waivers in Wodify, you will be prompted to send to all athletes who are part of the associated program. Re-send this to all athletes and have them re-sgn the waiver electronically within Wodify.
  2. Click the 'Send Waiver(s)' option using the 'Bulk Actions' feature directly within the missing waivers tab to re-send the missing waivers to all athletes in this list. 

  1. Upload a waiver via the 'Upload Waiver' icon. Once the waiver is uploaded it can be accessed from both the admin access and athlete profile. 

To view all athletes who have signed a waiver: 

  1. Login to Wodify Admin > 'Documents' > 'Waivers' > 'Signed'
  2. This will include leads, active athletes, drop-ins, and anonymous waivers
  3. You can then view an athlete's individual signed waiver by clicking on the hyperlinked 'Waiver Name.'


NOTE: If the athlete completed this waiver within Wodify the entire waiver will appear in read-only form within Wodify with the option to Print or Download. If this waiver was uploaded, the waiver will automatically open when you click on the waiver name. 


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