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How do I discount or refund an invoice?


Invoices can have discounts and refunds applied. Discounts can also be applied to memberships. The following article details each type of discount and refund that can be applied to invoices.


  • Line Discount:
    • Line discounts are discounts applied to invoice line items. Line Discounts can be applied as a dollar amount or percentage.
  • Header Discount:
    • Header Discounts are discounts applied AFTER line discounts. For example, if a $100 line item has a Line Discount of $10 and then a Header Discount of 10% applied to it, the final charge of the invoice is $81.


  • Line Refund:
    • Line Refunds are applied after an invoice is paid. You can collect item returns OR provide a dollar amount refund to the line. Upon clicking 'Refund Item' on an invoice line item you must choose if you wish to return an item:
      • If you are returning an item, choose how many you are returning and click 'Complete Return'
      • If you are NOT returning an item, choose the amount of the refund and click 'Complete Refund'


IMPORTANT: Once you have returned an item you can no longer refund a dollar amount to the line item. Once you have refunded a dollar amount to the line you can not return an item.


  • Header Refund:
    • Header Refunds are applied after an invoice is paid. Header refunds should be used when a customer is returning ALL items and a full refund is necessary. 


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