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How do I create a WOD?


WODs can be programmed as far in advance as you would like. Admins, Managers and Coaches can build and view WODs. Athletes will not see WODs until the default publish time in Wodify.

For more help on creating a WOD, check out our video on how to Create a WOD using the WOD Editor:


To create a WOD:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'WOD' > 'List'
  2. Click 'New WOD'
  3. Enter 'Basic Details' including: WOD Name, Date, Program > Click 'Save'
  4. Use the 'WOD Editor' to add Sections and Components to build the WOD


IMPORTANT!: You can create 1 WOD per program and location per day.


TIP!: Sections are not required but act as 'Page Breaks' allowing the WOD to display nicer.


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