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Why can't I edit today's WOD?


WOD Components that track results (Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Metcons, and Weightlifting Totals) can be edited until an athlete has signed in for that WOD on the Coachboard.  Once an athlete has done this only the following can be edited:

  • Announcements
  • WOD Comment
  • WOD Component Prefixes
  • The position of the WOD Component on the WOD
  • Custom Condition Descriptions

If you need to edit a component that already has results, follow the below:

  1. Write down or take a screenshot of any results and notes already entered
  2. Remove each athlete from the Coachboard
  3. Edit the WOD as needed
  4. Sign each athlete back in to class from the Coachboard
  5. Re-enter all results and comments

TIP!: As a best practice, make sure you double check your WOD after you create it to make sure it is correct.


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