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Scoring Against WODs




This article will help Wodify admins understand the WOD scoring process. If you are an athlete looking to score against a WOD, please check out our Tracking Your Performance article. 


In this article, we will cover:


Athletes Unable to Score against WOD 

If you programmed a WOD and it is not appearing on the WODs tab of your Kiosk, you most likely did not program the WOD with any measurable components.  

  1. To avoid this, you will want to make sure you are not programming the components of your WOD in the Comment section on the WOD creation page.
  2. When creating a WOD, you will want to follow the steps in our Building and Editing WODs article


Athletes Scoring against a Previous WOD 

From our Desktop App only, athletes have the ability to log scores against a previous WOD if they are logged into a current day's class. 

  1. Have your athlete log into our Desktop App
  2. Make sure they are signed into a current day's class
  3. Click into the Coachboard tab
  4. Click Add Performance score_wod_1.png
  5. Click Previous WOD from the Type dropdown menuscore_wod_2.png
  6. Select a program and WOD from the dropdown menus and click Addscore_wod_4.png
  7. Add the scores and click Save or click Remove Performance if you no longer wish to add a performance score_wod_5.png

Note: You will need to have Membership Enforcement turned to its highest setting and have Secure Programming turned on for WODs, to ensure that athletes cannot see previous WODs they do not have access to. 



More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course: Getting Started with Wodify Perform

If you need any additional assistance with Scoring Against WODs feel free to reach out to us at


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