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Why aren't my athletes able to enter their score on the Coachboard?


If you programmed a WOD and it is not appearing on the 'WODs' tab, you most likely did not program the WOD with any measurable components.  

You can confirm this by: 

  1. Signing an athlete in to the Coachboard
  2. See if any record-able components appear next to the athletes profile. 

To avoid this, you will want to make sure you are not programming the components of your WOD in the 'Comment's' section on the WOD creation page. When creating a WOD, you will want to follow the format of: 

  1. Add Section
  2. Select your Section name from the drop down menu
  3. Add Component
  4. Select your Component name from the drop down menu
  5. Fill in necessary information (e.g. rep scheme, details, scoring, sets, reps)
  6. Save

From this point, you can enter your weightlifting rep scheme and measure, custom or benchmark metcon, or gymnastics skill work. 


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