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How do I auto-post WODs to Facebook?


Facebook no longer allows Wodify to automatically publish workouts to Facebook. The recommended workaround is to automatically push the workout to a Wordpress blog, then set that blog to automatically push posts to your Facebook page. Here is a video walkthrough of the instructions.

Auto-Post WODs to Wordpress:

  1. Head to Wodify Admin > 'WOD' > 'Settings' > 'Web Integration'
  2. Under 'WordPress' click 'Enable'
    • Enter the RPC URL
      • What you enter in the field is a combination of your Wordpress URL and 'xmlrpc.php'
      • Example:   https://{YourWordPressBlog}/xmlrpc.php
      • Example:
    • Username: Enter your WordPress username you use to login to WordPress
    • Password: Enter your WordPress password you use to login to WordPress
  3. Click Save
  4. Login to WordPress
  5. Your WordPress login URL is https://{YourWordPressBlog}/wp-login.php
  6. If WordPress asks you to update to its latest version, you must do that now
  7. Click Settings
  8. Click Writing
  9. Fill in the below:
    • Default Post Category
      • Set to your default
  10. Click Save Changes

IMPORTANT!: Be sure to Disable Blog Integration if you deactivate your WordPress account. 

Automatically push from Wordpress to Facebook:

  1. Log into Wordpress admin
  2. Go to settings > sharing
  3. Connect to your Facebook account and allow access to any page you'd like to post WODs to


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