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How do I set up SMS for Athletes?


You can send mass SMS messages directly to your SMS subscribed members in Wodify. The SMS Messaging feature is completely free to Wodify customers in the US.

Use the SMS feature in order to communicate short but efficient messages to your members, such as an early gym closing and holiday schedules.

 How to subscribe your members to SMS Messaging

Members must opt in to SMS Messaging. Members opt in by responding to an SMS Request. 

To send an SMS Request:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Communication' > 'SMS'
  2. Click 'Get Subscribers'
  3. Choose the 'Recipients' 
  4. Click 'Send Subscription Requests'


IMPORTANT!:  You can only send one SMS Request to your unsubscribed members every 48 hours.


  • Members that agree to receive SMS messages have an SMS status of 'Subscribed'
  • If the member declines SMS messages, the member's status is 'Rejected'
    • 'Rejected' members are never sent SMS Requests again - ever.
    • 'Rejected' members can choose to subscribe by going to their personal settings > Notifications > and click the checkbox for SMS Messaging.


IMPORTANT!: Members without phone numbers will not receive 'SMS Requests.' However, they will receive an email requesting they subscribe to your SMS service. After the member agrees to SMS the member is required to submit their phone number. The phone number is then saved to your member's account and SMS status becomes 'Subscribed'.


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