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NOTE: SMS Shortcode functions will be disabled in Wodify on November 17th, 2023. For information about our current SMS functionalities, please see Two-Way SMS


You have the ability to SMS Message your Leads and Clients via Shortcode right through the Wodify system! SMS Messaging to Leads is a great way to market your business to prospective clients. You can also use the SMS feature in order to communicate short but efficient messages to your clients, such as an early business closing and holiday schedules.


In this article, we will cover:


Setting Up SMS for Leads 

Admins, Managers, and Coaches can send a mass SMS message to each lead that has subscribed to their SMS feed.


Prospective Clients (also known as Leads) can sign up for SMS Messaging by sending your customized subscribe keyword via SMS to 'CROSS' or '27677'.  Leads that subscribe to you via SMS are automatically created as Leads in Wodify.


Once you've created your Subscribe Keyword you can add your keyword to marketing materials, such as signage outside of the business, advertisements, and your website. For example, if your Subscribe Keyword is 'XFIT', you should add the line 'Text XFIT to CROSS to learn more!' to your marketing materials.

Important: Wherever your Subscribe Keyword is advertised, you must include the details below to comply with the regulatory organizations that govern shortcode usage. Click here to learn more.

To set up your SMS configuration:

  1. Go to Communication > SMS Shortcode
  2. Enter your Subscribe Keyword
    • Your keyword must be unique across ALL Wodify clients
      • Best Practice: Make your keywords short and sweet - try not to use more than 5 characters
  3. Add your Subscribe Auto Response
    • This is the response automatically messaged back to leads once they subscribe
    • Optionally include an SMS Lead Form in your response that requests more info from the prospect
      • 'Name and 'Email' are always required on the SMS Lead Form
      • Gender, City, State, and Comments are optional fields
      • 'Phone' is always stored as the phone number the Lead used to subscribe
        • There is a 140 character limit if you include an SMS Lead Form link
        • There is a 160 character limit if you do NOT include a link
    • Optionally add a 'Redirect URL after the form is submitted' URL
      • We suggest a page on your business website
  4. Choose who should receive an email notification when a new SMS Lead is created in the SMS Lead Email Notification input box
  5. Subscribed Leads can unsubscribe by texting STOP or CANCEL to CROSS or 27677 - you can not edit or change this option
  6. Add your Unsubscribe Auto Response
    • This is the response automatically messaged back to leads once they unsubscribe
    • There is a 160 character limit - there is no option to include a link to a web form
  7. Select Save

Your SMS Messaging keyword is now active. Anyone who submits your keyword to CROSS or 27677 will be created as a Lead in Wodify and can be found under People > Leads.



Setting Up SMS for Clients

You can send mass SMS messages directly to your SMS subscribed clients in Wodify. 


 How to subscribe your clients to SMS Messaging

Clients must opt-in to SMS Messaging. Clients may opt-in by responding to an SMS Request. 

To send an SMS Request:

  1. Go to Communication > SMS Shortcode
  2. Click Get Subscribers
  3. Choose the Recipients
  4. Click Send Subscription Requests


Important:  You can only send one SMS Request to your unsubscribed clients every 48 hours.

  • Clients that agree to receive SMS messages have an SMS status of Subscribed
  • If the client declines SMS messages, the client's status is Rejected
    • Rejected clients are never sent SMS Requests again - ever.
    • Rejected clients can choose to subscribe by going to their Personal Settings > Notifications > and click the checkbox for SMS Messaging.


Important: Clients without phone numbers will not receive SMS Requests. However, they will receive an email requesting they subscribe to your SMS service. After the client agrees to SMS the client is required to submit their phone number. The phone number is then saved to your client's account and SMS status becomes Subscribed.S


Sending SMS Messages to Clients

  1. Go to Communication > SMS Shortcode > Clients
  2. Under SMS Message enter your message
  3. Select Send

All SMS messages are logged in the related client's Activity History.


Sending SMS Messages to Leads

 To send a Mass SMS Message to your leads:

  1. Go to 'Communication' > 'SMS Shortcode' > 'Leads'
  2. Input your SMS Message (160 character max)
  3. Click 'Send to X Subscribers'

Email-to-SMS Conversations

A lead is created any time a new phone number sends your SMS Subscription Keyword to CROSS (27677). An email notification is sent to your pre-determined SMS notification email addresses* to alert you a new lead was created by SMS. Replying directly to that email address will send an SMS message directly back to the phone number related to your new lead. 

An email notification is sent to you each time the lead replies to your SMS message. You can continue the conversation from your email to the client. All emails and SMS conversations are recorded as Activity History on the lead's Wodify profile.

Send 2 Way SMS from Wodify

You can optionally send an SMS message directly to a lead through the Wodify app. To send an SMS message to a lead:

  1. Go to People > Leads
  2. From the More drop down menu choose Send SMS
  3. Write your message and click Send

You will receive an email notification if the lead responds to your SMS message. You can continue the conversation through your email to the client.


Cost of SMS Messaging

If you're in the U.S. and on our Promote package, SMS Messaging is FREE. There are no additional costs to configure or send SMS messages to leads or clients.

Admins, Managers, and Coaches can send a mass SMS message to each lead and/or client that has subscribed to their SMS feed. 


SMS Compliance

Wodify's SMS Messaging feature requires compliance with the CTIA and wireless carriers' guidelines, to which all shortcodes are bound. These regulatory organizations can open an audit against anyone they find failing to comply.

According to the CTIA, in every place that you advertise your Subscribe Keyword and shortcode, you must always include the details below:

  • "Message and data rates may apply"
  • "Message frequency will be periodic"
  • "Text STOP to unsubscribe" (STOP must be bolded)
  • "Text HELP for more info"
  • Link to Privacy Policy (
  • Link to Terms & Conditions (

Copy and paste the block of code below onto your website and anywhere else you advertise your Subscribe Keyword.


<p>Msg and data rates may apply. | Msg frequency will be periodic. | Text <b>STOP</b> to unsubscribe. | Text HELP for more info. | <a href="">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="">T&amp;Cs</a></p>


Tip - Ex: Text FIT to CROSS (27677) Msg and data rates may apply. | Msg frequency will be periodic. |  Text STOP to unsubscribe. | Text HELP for more info. | Privacy Policy | T&Cs

You can also substitute your own Privacy Policy and T&Cs - you are not required to use ours. 


More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Communication with Your Members

If you need any additional assistance with SMS Messaging, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only).


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