How do I make a reservation for a class?


Athletes can reserve a spot for each class from:

  • Wodify Web App
  • Affiliate's Website
  • Mobile Device

Wodify Web App

  1. Login to your Wodify account
  2. Click the 'Calendar' tab
  3. View the Calendar
    • The white calendar icon signals a class that is open for registration
    • Your box determines how early each Athlete can register for a class.  In the example below, only classes that begin in the next 24 hours are open for reservation
    • Classes not open for registration are identified with a gray calendar icon

  4. To make a reservation, click the white calendar icon
  5. Immediately after you click the white calendar icon:
    • The icon changes to a ticket, indicating you have successfully made the reservation
    • A cancel icon appears; click this if you wish to cancel
    • The reservation count and meter increase by 1

  6. You are free to make or cancel reservations to as many classes available at any time

Affiliate Website

  1. This process is very similar to reserving from the Wodify Web App
  2. Open your Affiliate's Website
  3. Find the class schedule
  4. From within the schedule pane, click 'Login'

  5. Log in with your Wodify username and password
  6. Follow same steps as listed in the above Wodify Web App tutorial to reserve or cancel a reservation

Mobile Device

  1. Login to Wodify from a mobile device
  2. Click the Class Schedule tab
  3. Scroll through the list of classes and find a class to make a reservation
  4. Click on the 'Reserve' button to make a reservation for the class that you would like to attend.
  5. Click the 'Cancel' button if you would like to cancel your reservation