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How do I add a new performance from the Coachboard?


Athletes can optionally add performance results from the Coachboard that were not part of the WOD.  Athletes may wish to add a performance result from the Coachboard when:

  • They are participating in an Open Gym WOD
  • They performed a WOD that was programmed for one of the previous 14 days
  • The Athlete is injured and could not participate in part of the WOD but performed a different movement
  • One on One programming
  • Athlete wants to record extra Gymnastics work 


To add performance results from the Coachboard: 

  1. Sign in to the Coachboard
  2. Click the 'Add Performance' link below your name
  3. Choose your Type and Component
  4. Add your result and comments
  5. If you select 'Previous WOD' from the type drop down, you will also need to select the program that the previous WOD is associated with, as well as specific workout you completed from the 'WOD' drop down.


IMPORTANT!!:  These performances do not display on the Whiteboard.


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