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How do I create a custom leaderboard?


Each box can create their own Custom Leaderboards or view the three Wodify Global Leaderboards.  The Wodify Global Leaderboards are:

  • Girls
  • Heroes
  • Dot Com Standards

Viewing a Leaderboard

To view a Leaderboard, click the 'Leaderboard' tab in the Wodify app.  Leaderboards are not available on the mobile app.

Use the Leaderboard dropdown to display a different Leaderboard.

Admins, Coaches, and Athletes can view all Leaderboards.

Create, Edit, and Delete a Leaderboard

Only Admins can create or edit Custom Leaderboards.  Wodify Global Leaderboard components can not be edited.

To create a Leaderboard (Admins Only):

  1. Click the 'Leaderboard' tab
  2. Click 'Leaderboards List'
  3. Click 'Create a new Leaderboard'
  4. Enter the name and number of athletes for the Leaderboard and click Save
  5. Add components to the Leaderboard and click 'Save Layout'

To edit a Leaderboard's settings (Admins Only):

  1. Click the 'Leaderboard' tab
  2. Click 'Edit Leaderboard Settings'
  3. Change the name of the Leaderboard or the number of athletes displayed (1-10 athletes are displayed; Global Leaderboards can not be edited)
  4. Click Save

To edit the layout of a Leaderboard (Admins Only):

  1. Click the 'Leaderboard' tab
  2. Click 'Change Layout'
  3. Use the selector on the left sidenav to add components to the Leaderboard
  4. Click the delete button the component headers to remove the component
  5. Drag-and-drop components to change the order they are displayed
  6. Click 'Save Layout' when done

To delete a Leaderboard (Admins Only):

  1. Click the 'Leaderboard' tab
  2. Click 'Leaderboards List'
  3. Click the delete button located to the right of the listed leaderboard


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