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Using the Leaderboard




This article will help you configure and view your Leaderboard. 


In this article, we will cover:


Global Leaderboards

Wodify comes prepopulated with numerous global leaderboards.

  1. These include Girls, Heroes, Dot Com Standards, and the 2012-2019 CrossFit Games Open
  2. To view one of these leaderboards, choose one from the dropdown and select whether you want to display Men/Women separately or All Athletes together. leaderboard_1.png


Making a Custom Leaderboard

Admins have the ability to create custom leaderboards.

  1. Click Leaderboard List leaderboard_2.png
  2. Click Create a New Leaderboard leaderboard_3.png
  3. Enter the Name of the leaderboard and the number of athletes you want to be displayed, the click Saveleaderboard_4.png
  4. Add your selected components to the leaderboard and click Save Layoutleaderboard_5.png
  5. To make a leaderboard a default, click Make Default from the Leaderboard list.leaderboard_6.png 


Editing a Custom Leaderboard 

Once a custom leaderboard has been created it can be edited at any time. Global Leaderboards cannot be edited

  1. Click into the Leaderboard List 
  2. Click into the leaderboard you want to edit
  3. To edit the name or number of athletes on a leaderboard, click Edit Leaderboard Settingsleaderboard_7.png
  4. Change the number of athletes or the title of the leaderboard and click Save.
  5. To change the components on a leaderboard, click on the leaderboard you want to change and click Change Layout leaderboard_8.png
  6. To add a component select it from the dropdown menu. To delete a component, click the X in the top right-hand corner of the component. leaderboard_10.png
  7. You can also drag and drop components to shift the order in which they are displayed. 
  8. To delete a custom leaderboard, click into the leaderboard list and click the under the remove column next to the leaderboard. Global leaderboards cannot be deletedleaderboard_11.png



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