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What is the 'Staff' role?


The 'Staff' role is an optional role on each Wodify user's profile that enables the member to track hours and classes worked during a given pay period. Only Wodify customers that have enabled Payroll will see the 'Staff' role.

The 'Staff' role is designed specifically for Wodify users that are not Admins, Managers, or Coaches but still need to track their pay with Wodify.

Any user that is given the Admin, Manager, and/or Coach role is automatically assigned the 'Staff' role. 

When the 'Staff' role is enabled on a Wodify user:

  • The user has access to the 'My Payroll' tab on both the web and mobile apps
  • The user can be added to any position assigned to a class
  • Pay rates can be assigned to the Staff member on the Setup Payroll screen


IMPORTANT: Users with only the 'Staff' role are considered active athletes in Wodify and are part of your monthly Wodify charge.


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