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How to enter custom pay rates for my Coaches?


Wodify creates the 'Head Coach' and 'Assistant Coach' position for you by default. A gym can choose to pay their coaches and employees by class or hour.  Each position can have a different rate per program. For example, your Head Coach for the CrossFit program may be paid $25 per hour but $20 for Oly Lifting per class.

To determines pay rates for each position:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Payroll' > 'Setup Payroll'
  2. Click the 'Position' you wish to add a pay rate
  3. Under 'Basic Details' you can choose which 'Roles' can work the position
  4. Under 'Employee Rates' choose the program you wish to add a pay rate
  5. Choose your employee from the 'Add Employee' dropdown
  6. Determine if the rate is paid by class or hour (if by hour, Wodify will pay based on the length of the class they coach as reflected in your class schedule setup)
  7. Determine the rate and if its effective 'Now' or 'Later' (if 'later' then a date will need to be entered)
  8. Click 'Save'

You can also create your own positions to add to classes and/or to track payroll.

To create new positions:

  1. Go to Wodify Admin > 'Payroll' > 'Setup Payroll'
  2. Under 'Positions' click 'New Position'
  3. Name your position
  4. Choose which 'Roles' can work the position > 'Save & Add Rates'
  5. Follow steps 4 - 8 from above to complete the process

To add a custom position to a class

If you need to add a new position you created, other than Head Coach or Assistant Coach (Staff roles, for example):

  1. Open the individual or recurring class template under Classes>List
  2. Next to the Coach assignments in the class template, click '+ Add another'
  3. Select the custom position from the first dropdown menu, and select the staff member from the second dropdown menu

Note: Any staff member must be configured for that position in Payroll, before they can be added to a class in that position


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