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What is 'hourly only'?


"Hourly Only" is designed for paid employees that are not paid around the concept of a "class". These types of positions are usually interns, office managers, or janitors. They do not run classes but you still need to pay them!

These positions will not clock in from the Coach widget from the calendar. They log their hours using the 'My Payroll' tab from a PC/Mac or the Wodify mobile app.


IMPORTANT: For those employees that may be get paid for coaching classes, are paid by hour and/or class, and also do after hours office work we suggest adding an 'Hourly Only' position and add a custom 'Hourly Rate' to that staff member. Any other employees that share the same role as this staff member should have a $0 pay rate for the 'Hourly Only' position.


IMPORTANT: A Wodify account must be created for any employee that will use Wodify Payroll to track their timecard. These users are included in your monthly Wodify bill.


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