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How does a free trial or Drop-In from the Online Sales Portal sign into the Coachboard?


Free Trials and Drop-ins are able to make reservations, complete their payment, and sign a waiver before arriving at your gym through your Online Sales Portal. Once a Free Trial or Drop-in has made a reservation through the Online Sales Portal, they will automatically be added to the Reservation list in the specific class they have made a reservation. 

To sign in a Free Trial or Drop-in once they arrive at the gym:

  1. Go to the 'Coachboard'
  2. Select the class time, date, and program for the current class. 
  3. View the class reservation list on the Coachboard listed above the WOD. 
  4. Click on the Free Trial or Drop-ins name once they arrive at the gym for simple, one-click sign in


IMPORTANT!!: A Drop-in athlete will appear in the reservation list with a 'D' next to their name. A Free Trial athlete will appear in the reservation list with an 'F' next to their name. 


If a Free Trial or Drop-in athlete does not sign in to class they will be marked as a 'No Show' the following day. Once a Free Trial athlete has exhausted his or her trial sessions, they are not able to schedule a new class from the online sales portal, however, they can still be signed in on the Coachboard as long as they are a Lead in Wodify with the status of 'Trial'.

The Drop-In athlete can continue to purchase classes on your online sales portal. Any refunds or cancellations must be done manually by an Admin/Manager.



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