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How do I use my nutrition journal?


The Nutrition Journal tracks what an athlete eats each day.  Athletes can enter the food they eat during each meal, including snacks, as well as how much water they drink each day.

Athletes submit their weight and the number of hours they slept that night.

At the end of each day, athletes can submit their Nutrition Journal for review by their Nutrition Coach.  The Nutrition Coach then reviews the athlete’s journal and provides a review from 1 to 4 stars.

The Nutrition Journal can be viewed and edited via a web browser or a mobile device.  Journal updates bi-directionally sync automatically between all devices.

How to Submit your Water Bottle Size and Nutrition Coach

  1. Login to Wodify
  2. Click ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click 'Other Info' from the left sidenav
  4. Edit the value in the field ‘Water Bottle Size’. Size is by ounces
  5. Next to Nutrition Coach, choose your coach from the list.
  6. Click Save

Navigating the Nutrition Journal

The Nutrition Journal consists of the below sections:

  • Tracking Water, Weight, and Sleep
  • Meal Tracking
  • Comments
  • Request Review
  • Day Tab and
  • Unread Reviews
  • Change Week
  1. Tracking Water, Weight, and Sleep
    • Water
    • Track how many ounces of water you drink each day
    • You can define the size of your water bottle in ounces from your personal information page
    • Click the Water Bottle image to increase the amount you drink by the size of your bottle throughout the day
      • Ex: My defined Water Bottle Size is 24oz. Each time I click the Water Bottle image, my total water intake for the day will increase by 24 (24, 48, 74, etc.)
    • Weight
      • Track your weight at the start of the day
    • Sleep
      • Track how many hours you slept that night
  2. Meal Tracking
    • Track the food you eat during each meal period throughout the day
    • Enter what and how much you ate. For example, '4 eggs; 2 cups of berries'
    • Athletes enter their own comments for their journal here
    • Nutrition Coaches will enter their comments after reviewing the journal in the ‘Coach Comments’ field
  4. Request Review
    • At the end of each day, athletes click the ‘Request Review’ button to receive feedback from their nutrition coach
  5. Day Tab and Rating
    • Athletes and Coaches can click the Day and Date tabs to cycle through each day
    • Nutrition Coaches can provide a 1-4 star review based on the athletes diet and sleep information
  6. Unread Reviews
    • Unread Reviews tab keeps track of all reviews an athlete has not read from his or her coach
  7. Change Week
    • Change Week tab is where athletes and coaches can look into a journal history log to review past journal entries

How to Update your Nutrition Journal

  1. Login to Wodify
  2. Click ‘My Journal’ tab
  3. Enter your journal information as appropriate
    • Your journal entries are automatically save upon any changes you have made to your entry
  4. At the end of your day, click ‘Request Review’.  Your Nutrition Coach will be notified that your journal for that day is ready for review.


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