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How do I add a Membership contract to an Athlete?


Membership contracts in Wodify will be associated with Membership Templates. When assigning a new membership to an athlete, you will also assign the associated membership contract.

 To assign the membership contract to a new athlete in Wodify: 

  1. Login to Wodify Admin > 'People' > 'Athletes'
  2. Click into the 'Membership' portion
  3. Click 'New Membership'
  4. Choose your Membership template from the list of your available templates
  5. Choose the 'Quick Add' or 'Custom' option to assign the membership to your athlete.
    • NOTE: When using the 'Custom' option, the membership contract options will appear on Step 3 of the membership wizard. 
  6. Select the Payment Plan, Initial Payment, Renewal Payment(s), Start Date, and Billing Date for your athlete.
  7. Choose whether you would like to email the athlete a link to the membership contract, or select 'Sign Now' for the athlete to sign their contract on the spot. 
  8. Click 'Create Membership.'


NOTE: If you select 'Sign Now' the athlete will immediately be prompted to sign the Membership Contract. If you are also collecting payment information in the contract the member will be asked to provide this information before being taken to the signature page. 

If the athlete signs their membership contract on the spot the contract will appear in 'Signed Contracts' under 'Documents' > 'Contracts' > 'Signed.' If the athlete was emailed the contract but has not yet signed the contract, they will appear in the 'Missing Contracts' page under 'Documents' > 'Contracts' > 'Missing.' 

To view an athletes signed contract: 

  1. Click into the athlete's profile
  2. Click into 'Documents'
  3. Click on the Contract link to view


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