How do I stop or hold a Membership?


Invoices will not be created on or after the selected date or the final punch related to this membership. If the athlete was optionally selected to deactivate on the stop date, the athlete will be deactivated and no longer have access to Wodify.

Hold a Membership:

Holding a membership will prevent Wodify from creating renewed invoices during the hold period, but new invoices will be created after the hold period.

  1. Go to Wodify Core > 'People' > 'Athletes' > Choose your athlete
  2. Under 'Memberships' click on the membership you wish to hold
  3. Click 'Actions' > 'Add Hold'
  4. Choose the Start, End, and Hold Reason
  5. Click Save

Invoices will not be created during the hold period. Future membership invoice due dates will adjust to the hold end date.


Edit or Cancel a Stop/Hold Membership

The Stop/Hold dates can be edited by clicking the date field in the membership as shown below:

Stop and/or Holds can also be edited or deleted from the athlete's Membership List View:


IMPORTANT!! Holding a membership will never result in a pro-rated invoice.  For example, if your athlete is billed on the 1st of the Month but has a hold that ends on the 15th of the month, the athlete's new membership due dates will be on the 15th.


TIP!: If you do not want an athlete to be billed for a specific month the 'Start Date' of their hold will need to start prior to the invoice due date. Example, if an athlete pays on the 15th of every month but they are going on a hold for the month the 'Start Date' of the hold must start on the 14th. If the hold starts on the 15th, they will be billed and then the hold will begin and their next invoices will be adjusted to reflect that payment.