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How do I auto-renew session Memberships?


Session memberships can automatically be renewed on the athletes last used session or punch on the membership.  Only Session memberships marked for Auto Renew will renew.  

The renewed Session membership will not immediately be created - it will be created during the next Billing Cycle at your gym.

An email will be sent to the members, Admins & Managers notifying that a new membership was created.  The invoice will run as part of the Billing Cycle the following day.

Example: Sam has a 10 Session Card that is set to auto renew.  On the 10th session used:

  1. A new 10 Session Card will automatically be created for Sam on the next billing cycle
  2. An email is sent to Sam notifying him a new 10 Session Card has been created
  3. An email is sent to admins stating a new 10 Session Card has been created for Sam
  4. An attempt to pay for the 10 Session Card Memberships invoice will occur the day after the invoice is created


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