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Can I swipe a member's credit card and store it for future payments?


Yes, admins and managers can use their USB Swiper to store a member's credit card for future automatic payments.

💳​  To store a member's credit card:

  1. From Wodify Admin
  2. Utilize Either the People > Athletes Search or the Global Search
  3. Search Athlete & Select their Profile
  4. Scroll to the Payment Methods Section
  5. Select + New Payment Method
  6. Select the Credit Card Option
  7. Confirm Billing Information
  8. Under Card Information Swipe Card
  9. Verify Information is Correct
  10. Select Add Payment Method


This credit card can now be used as a membership auto-billing payment method once toggled to be the Default Payment Method under Actions > Make Default.



IMPORTANT!!  At this time, storing a member's credit card is not possible using the Wodify mobile app and a mobile swiper.


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