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How do I configure my Paysafe gateway?


Wodify partners with Paysafe as its credit card processing solution in Canada and Europe. You can learn more about Paysafe by clicking here.

After a gym's Paysafe setup is complete, Wodify must be configured to your Paysafe account.

 Setting up Wodify and Paysafe Billing Configuration

To access the Billing Configuration page, go to Wodify Admin > 'Financial' > 'Settings' > 'Paysafe Configurations.'

Please fill the following fields:

  • Name: Enter the name of your configuration (we suggest using the location name tied to the configuration)
  • Credit Card Merchant Account Number: This is the number supplied by Paysafe to identify your business
  • Credit Card Store ID
  • Credit Card Store Password
  • ACH Merchant Account Number
  • ACH Store ID
  • ACH Store Password
  • Configuration Type

Choosing Acceptable Payment Methods
Each gym can choose their accepted payment methods.  Admins can choose which payment methods are available for Admins only by using the 'Available for Admins' column or for all members by using the 'Available for All' field.  

If you choose to not accept a certain form of payment, uncheck the checkbox next to the payment form under the related column header.  For example, if you do not accept American Express under any circumstances, uncheck the boxes for 'American Express'.  With the boxes unchecked, your members will no longer have 'American Express' as an option when adding payment methods or when swiping retail sales.  

If a payment method should only be available to Admins, click the 'Admins can pick this form of payment for an Athlete' checkbox but leave 'Athletes can pick this form of payment' unchecked.  

IMPORTANT:  If a payment method is available to admins but NOT all, Admins can still add the payment method to any member he or she chooses.


If you remove a payment option that a member has already created, the billing system will still recognize the members payment method and will still attempt transactions using that card.  If needed, have the member enter a new payment method.  The system will display a warning message for all payment methods members have entered:


Optional payment methods are:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Bank Accounts (ACH)
  • Cash
  • Checks
Set up your accepted payment methods during the application process with Paysafe.

Billing Configuration Complete

Once all fields are populated, click the Save button.  Your box can now process invoices using Wodify payment processing system.


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