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How do I configure my Bambora gateway?


Wodify partners with Bambora as a credit card processing solution in Canada. You can learn more about Bambora here

After your gym is set up with Bambora, Wodify must be configured to your Bambora account so that you can process payments from Wodify. 


Setting up Wodify and Bambora Billing Configuration


To access the Billing Configuration page, login to Wodify and go to Financial > Settings > Bambora Configurations.

Login to Bambora's online portal here.

To login you will need your Company Name, username, and password.  All of this information will be included in the Bamora welcome email that is sent to your gym's admin. 

Please fill the following fields: 

  • Name: Enter the name of your configuration (we suggest using your gym's location name tied to the configuration)
  • Company Name: this is the 'Company' value you submit to enter Bambora's portal
  • Merchant ID: this will be found in the top right corner within your Bambora portal
  • Payment Profile API Password: this can be found within your Bambora portal by clicking on Configuration > Payments Profile Configuration > API access Passcode


  • Order Settings, Reporting, and Batch File API Passcodes: these 3 items can be found within your Bambora portal by clicking on Administration > Account Settings > Order Settings



Choosing Allowed Payment Methods

You can choose your accepted payment methods within the Bambora Configuration. Click Edit next to Allowed Payment Methods to configure your settings.

The 'Membership' column determines which payment methods athletes are able to add to their profile to pay for their memberships, as well as which payment methods can be used for membership purchases on the Online Sales Portal. 

The 'Retail' column determines the payment methods accepted for Point of Sale purchases.

The 'Drop-Ins' column determines the payment methods accepted for drop-in purchases at the Kiosk and on the Online Sales Portal. 


IMPORTANT:  Admins can select any payment method within an athlete profile, even if the payment method is not set as an Allowed Payment Method in the financial settings.


To select which credit card types you would like to accept, click the purple text next to Credit Cards. In the Allowed Credit Card Types box, select the credit card types you would like to allow.


Be sure to set up your accepted payment methods during the application process with Bambora so that you are ready to start processing payment!

Billing Configuration Complete

Once all fields are populated, click the Save button. Your gym can now process invoices using Wodify payment processing system!


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