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Why is my account inactive?


Once you leave a gym, it is likely that your gym owner will deactivate your Wodify account. Without an active Wodify account, you cannot log into the Wodify app.

If you are joining a new gym that uses Wodify, you will want to ensure that your new gym creates an athlete profile for you. Once you are an athlete at your new gym you will receive a Welcome Email that will prompt you to confirm your email address and walk you through the account merging process.

To get more information on merging your account, check out this help article.

If you believe that your account was deactivated in error, you will need to reach out to your gym directly. Wodify cannot reactivate your account on behalf of your gym owner. 


Note: Your Performance History will still remain active. If later down the line you join another gym which has Wodify you are able to sign up with your same email address, you will be able to merge your performance history, and pick up where you left off!


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