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Why is my account inactive?


Each Wodify gym pays for Wodify by their number of active athletes each month, so once you have left a gym your account will likely be deactivated.

  • Please note, your Performance History will still remain active. If later down the line you join another gym which has Wodify you are able to sign up with your same email address, you will be able to merge your performance history, and pick up where you left off!

If you have a previously deactivated profile that has been reactivated by signing up at a new Wodify gym with the same email address but are receiving an error message stating 'Your account is inactive' please check to make sure that your updated account has been confirmed.

Once you have been created as an Athlete at your new gym, you will be sent a Welcome Email that has a "To complete your registration for Wodify visit the following link:" section.
🌟   Make sure you click into this link to reactivate your profile BEFORE selecting Login from the email. Many users attempt to log-in before re-activating their profile which will pop up with a deactivated account error.

Once you have clicked into this link, you will be able to merge your previous accounts with this new account and have your performance data available from previous gyms!

NOTE: If you continue to have issues with your account after confirming this through the Welcome Email, or believe your account has been deactivated incorrectly, you will want to contact your Gym Owner directly as Wodify is unable to reactivate your membership on behalf of your Gym Owner.


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