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How can I limit which classes my Athletes sign into?


Your athletes will be able to sign in to classes based on the available programs in their membership. When assigning a membership to an athlete, you have the ability to select which programs will be associated with their membership. 

⛔ ​To prevent athletes from signing in to classes that are not part of their membership, you will need to turn on Membership Enforcement.

You are able to do this via:

  1. Select Classes
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the Membership Tab
  4. Select Enable under the Membership Enforcement Heading
  5. Set the Access Parameters of the Limited Plan-Based Memberships & Session-Based Memberships
  6. Select Save



This will prevent athletes from signing in to a class or making reservations in which they do not have a membership.

If you have added a new program or would like to delete an existing program and would like to do this in bulk for your athletes, you can Mass Edit Program Access for Memberships in Classes > Settings > Membership > Mass Update Member Programs.


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