How do I manage Athlete relationships?


Wodify allows admins to create relationships between Athletes. This allows boxes to easily track family members, co-workers, and other relationships.

To create relationships:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'People' > 'Athletes'
  3. Find your athlete in the list view and open the record
  4. Click 'Profile'
  5. Scroll to bottom of page, to the 'Relationship' section
  6. Click 'New Relationship'
  7. Use the Athlete dropdown to find the related Athlete, choose the Type, and add a Description
  8. Click Save
  • The relationship can be viewed from either Athlete.
  • Relationships can be edited by clicking the 'Relationship Type' link in the relationship list view.
  • Delete relationships using the delete button located to the far right of the relationship record.