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How can Drop-Ins use the Coachboard?


Drop-Ins are athletes that stop by your gym for a workout, but are not paid members. Drop-Ins can sign in to the Coachboard from the kiosk and log their results just like the rest of your members.

This article describes how to sign in a drop-in that walks into your gym. 

If your Drop-In has pre-registered for the class through your Sales Portal, check out instructions on how to sign them in here.  

Signing In a Drop-In

  1. Go to the Coachboard
  2. Click Drop-in? mceclip0.png
  3. If the Drop-in has a Wodify account from another gym, they can sign in with their Wodify credentials, otherwise, they can enter their information as a guest. mceclip0.png
  4. Click Sign-In

Once a drop-in has been signed in, they will be displayed on your Coachboard. 


Enabling Drop-In Payments on the Coachboard

You may want to enable drop-in payments on the Coachboard if you would like to be able to process payments for drop-ins that walk-in to your gym.

To do this, go to Classes > Pricing > Session Templates and click into the Drop-In template. Toggle on 'Enable Drop-In Payments on Coachboard and decide whether you want to enable to option for a 'No Charge' drop-in.



Configuring Accepted Payment Methods for Drop-Ins

You can configure your accepted payment methods for Drop-Ins under Financial > Settings. Click the tab for your payments configurations and click into your configuration. Scroll to the 'Allowed Payment Methods' section and click 'Edit' to set up your payment methods for Drop-ins.



IMPORTANT:  Signing Drop-Ins in on the Coachboard drives the Drop-Ins report


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