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How do I collect a payment from a non-member?


When creating manual invoices, you will have the option to create an invoice for a non member, and swipe an anonymous (non-member) credit card.

To create an invoice for a non member:

  1. Click 'Financial' > 'Invoices' > '+ New Invoice'
  2. Select 'Not a Member'
  3. Type in the non-member's name, and choose the payment date and location of sale
  4. Click Save
  5. Click 'Actions' > 'Add Line Item'
  6. Enter the Product, Product Name, Revenue Category, Sales Price, Quantity, Tax 
  7. Click Save
  8. Click 'Actions' > 'Pay Invoice'
    • From the pop-up window, you will be given the option to pay with Cash, Check, or New Credit Card.
    • If the non-member is paying with Cash or Check, choose the cash or check option and click "Complete Payment."
    • If the non-member is paying by credit card, choose New Credit Card from the drop down and click 'Swipe Card' or 'Enter Card Manually' 
  9. To swipe the credit card with your USB swiper, click Swipe card, or, enter the card manually
  10. Type in the email address to which you would like to send the receipt
  11. Click 'Complete Payment'



  • In order to swipe anonymous, non-member credit cards, you must have a USB credit card swiper, as well as a Retail/Real Time account with your merchant. We recommend using the USB swiper at this link, but you should be able to use any third-party USB swiper
  • At this time, Wodify Payments customers are not able to use USB or Mobile Swipers.



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