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How do I email an athlete or lead?


Emails can be sent to Leads or Athletes directly from the Wodify app.

To send an email to a Lead/Athlete:

  1. Login to Wodify Admin
  2. Click 'People' > choose either 'Athletes' or 'Leads'
  3. Find the lead/athlete you wish to email and open the record
  4. Click on the 'Actions' drop down menu and choose 'Send Email'
  5. Enter a Subject and content for your email
    • Email content can include images, video, links, styled fonts, etc.
    • Optionally add an attachment
  6. Click Send

The email is stored in Wodify and can be viewed any time the lead/athlete record is opened.

What is Email Status?


Email Status tells you if the email has been queued, sent, read, bounced, or if there was an error.


IMPORTANT!:  All activities, including emails, are transferred when a Lead is converted to an Athlete.


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