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How do I use the Coachboard?


The following article details how to manage your Coachboard each day.

At the start of class:

  1. From each kiosk, log in to Wodify
  2. From the Wodify app, click the 'Coachboard' tab
  3. IMPORTANT!!: Switch to 'Kiosk Mode'. This prevents users from viewing any Administrative information

  4. Click the 'Class' dropdown menu and choose your first Class of the day

As athletes begin to show up for class...

  1. Members can log in using the Athlete dropdown or from their mobile device
  2. Drop-Ins without a Wodify account can click 'DROP-IN?', enter their name, email address and gender under the 'I'm Just Dropping In' section, and click 'Sign In'
  3. Drop-Ins with a Wodify account can click 'DROP-IN?', enter their Wodify username and password under the 'I Have a Wodify Account' section, and click 'Sign In'


IMPORTANT!!: Drop-ins must sign your waiver before they can sign in and pay for their class from the Coachboard. If Wodify has a copy of your affiliate's signed waiver on file the drop-in is not required to sign your waiver again.

During or towards the end of class...
  1. Athletes enter their results from the kiosk or their mobile device
  2. Athletes enter their results from the kiosk by clicking the component next to their name

During the transition between classes....

  1. Change the Class dropdown to the next class
  2. Athletes attending the next class can sign in from the kiosk or from their mobile device

And then do it all over again...

  1. Monitor the Whiteboard throughout the day to view real-time results from your gym


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