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How do Drop-Ins sign in to class?


Drop-ins are athletes that stop by your gym and are not yet paid members.  Drop-ins can sign in to the Coachboard from the kiosk and log their results just like the rest of your members.

Drop-ins can purchase a class 1) through your online sales portal or 2) just walking in to your gym.

To sign in a Drop-in that purchased a class through your online sales portal:

  1. Go to the Coachboard
  2. Find your class
  3. Click the Drop-in's name found in the 'Reservation' widget on the left side bar


IMPORTANT!!: Drop-ins that purchased via your sales portal can sign in to any class scheduled on the day of their purchased class. Click 'DROP-IN?' to view a list of drop-ins that purchased online but have yet to sign in to a day's class. If the a Drop-in does not sign in to class they will lose their session and will be counted as a 'No Show'. Any refunds can be manually offered later.


To sign in a walk-up Drop-In:

  1. Go to the Coachboard
  2. Click the 'DROP-IN?' link on the left sidebar
  3. In the 'I'm Just Dropping In' section, enter your Drop In name and gender, or, allow the athlete to enter their existing Wodify credentials
  4. Click 'Sign In'
  5. The Drop In athlete will display on the Coachboard

Note: If you have waivers enabled the 'Drop-In' feature will require an email address and prompt the athlete to sign the waiver before signing into class.

TIP!: Signing Drop-ins to the Coachboard drives the Drop-ins report.


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