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How do I sign in as a drop-in with my Wodify account?


Athletes with a Wodify account can sign in to any Wodify gym in the world!  Using your Wodify login credentials, simply sign in to the Coachboard from the gym's kiosk. Wodify will even display your Performance Card and track your WOD results on the Coachboard.

To sign in to a Wodify gym that is not your home affiliate:

  1. Go to the Coachboard
  2. Click the 'DROP-IN?' link on the left sidebar
  3. In the 'I have a Wodify Account' section, enter your Wodify username and password
    • If you have a Wodify account but forgot the password, click 'Forgot Password'
  4. Click 'Sign In'
  5. The Drop In athlete will display on the Coachboard


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