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How do I manage sections?


Sections are the general headings for a WOD.  Sections are for grouping similar or related movements for formatting purposes only.  

There are 4 Global Sections:

  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting
  • Metcons
  • Weightlifting Metcons

For example, Fran and Helen are both Metcon WOD Components, so you may chose to group these two conditions under the 'Metcons' Section.

When building the workout you'll see how sections break up the component types:


Tip: You can have several components within a section. You can also put any type of component within any section if, for example, you wanted to do a weightlifting movement as part of your warmup.

Creating a Custom Section
  Admins and Coaches can create their own Sections.  To create a section:

  • Go to Wodify Admin > 'WODS' > 'Components' > 'Sections' > click 'New Section'

Deactivating a Custom Section

  • Go to Wodify Admin > 'WODS' > 'Components' > 'Sections' > Choose your Section > Click 'Deactivate'

Within the sections, Components make up the parts of a workout.  There are 7 WOD Components:



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