Adjusting Workout Calendar Settings




This article will help you determine how to best configure your Workout calendar display (Workout > Calendar) to meet the needs of your business.


In this article, we will cover:


Changing Number of Weeks 

You have the ability to set your Workout calendar to one, two, three, or four weeks into the future. 


This can also be done from Workout > Settings > Calendar.




Changing Program and Component Types 

You can customize your calendar to reflect any one of your programs with the first dropdown menu at the top: 



And/or you can customize the calendar to filter your weightlifting, metcon, warm-up, gymnastics, or weightlifting total components, with the second dropdown menu at the top:



Select Default View 

You can customize the Workout Calendar view you see by default when you log in, using these steps:

  • Select a combination of weeks, programs, and components you want to see in your default view, using the Changing Program and Component Types steps above
  • Click Make Default next to the dropdown menus, to make this the calendar view that will appear when you open your Wodify Admin account. 



Printing your Workouts

You can print your Workout Calendar view at any time by clicking the 'Print' button on the calendar. 


Note: This will print the Calendar view that you are currently looking at, including the program and any components you've selected


Changing Component Colors 

You can set the color block that appears next to each type of component on your Workout Calendar, to help you quickly identify the different components you're looking at. To change the colors of your components:

  • Navigate to Workout > Settings
  • Click into the Calendar tab at the top of the page
  • Scroll down to the Component Colors section
  • Click on the color dropdowns next to each component, and select the color you want
  • Click the Save button in the section




More Information:

TIP: Wodify Blueprint Course - Getting Started with Wodify Perform

If you need any additional assistance with Adjusting your Workout Calendar Settings, feel free to reach out to us at or via Priority Live Chat in your admin account (Promote only). 


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