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How do I use WOD Calendar View?


Wodify's WOD Calendar View allows you to view all programmed WODs for the upcoming week, and up to four weeks in advance

  • You can access the new WOD Calendar by logging into with your Coach, Manager, or Admin credentials
  • Once in Wodify Admin, click 'WOD' > 'Calendar'


  • By Default, the Calendar will display the main program associated with your location, and Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Metcon, and Weightlifting Totals components, with a different color for each
  • Clicking the Program drop down menu will allow you to change the program type displayed
  • Clicking the Components drop down menu will allow you to hide, or add specific components to view
  • If you change the list of components, or the program, you will be able to set any new view as the Default by clicking the 'Make Default View' link

WOD Management

  • Clicking a WOD on the calendar will bring up the WOD edit page in a new tab for quick edits
  • Clicking the green plus sign will bring up a blank WOD edit page in a new tab to allow for easy WOD creation up to a month in advance
  • Use the 'Print' feature to print a copy of your upcoming programming



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