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EMV - How will this impact you and your gym?


What is EMV?

EMV is a global payment system that puts a microprocessor chip in both debit and credit cards, making them less vulnerable to fraud on in-person/card in-hand transactions. Some issued cards may already have the EMV chip and many more will be reissued in accordance with the October 1st switch in responsibility. 

What does this mean for gym owners?

On October 1st, credit and debit card companies are moving financial liability for card-in-hand (swiped or Point of Sale) payments from the bank to the merchant (that’s the gym owner) for any fraudulent action resultant of that transaction.

October 1st is simply a shift in liability - this is not a deadline for any hardware requirements or updates for each business. There are no pending fines or penalties in accordance with this date.

All businesses will be able to continue utilizing their mobile and USB swipers for payments. The liability is only for counterfeit cards and the overall risk is extremely low as most gym owners card-in-hand transactions represent 2.5% on average total charges.  The risk is further reduced by a personal relationship with your members.

What payment types in Wodify are affected by EMV changes?

Automated Membership Billing on an Athlete’s stored card

Not affected

Merchandise/Point of Sale on Athlete’s stored card

Not affected

Swiped Drop-In Session


Cash/Check Drop-In Session

Not affected

Swiped purchase for anonymous purchase through Point of Sale


Swiped purchase for athlete using Point of Sale



What can I do to minimize my risk?

You can lower your assumption of risk in a few ways: 

  1. Encourage all of your athletes to utilize their stored payment method for merchandise instead of attempting to swipe a different card for purchase
  2. For athletes that use multiple payment methods, they can apply many different cards as stored methods on their account. You can select a secondary stored payment method within the POS - no assumption of risk as it’s not a 1-off swipe.
    • **Note that the default payment method is always going to be where auto-renewing plans pull from. This is denoted by a checkmark in Payment Info**
  3. Promote the adoption of the Store Credit feature. Athletes can run lump-sum payments on their stored card and it creates a bank of credit within Wodify. You can then run purchases through the Point of Sale and Self-Service to pull from an athlete’s stored credit amount. You can reload right from your Wodify kiosk or retail desk!
  4. Check ID! A good standard of practice for card in-hand purchases is to verify the photo ID of the cardholder. This will reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity as well as your assumption of liability and risk.
  5. Verify the last four digits embossed on the face of the card match the last four digits after swiping the card.


Your security and confidence is important to us. We are going to continue to work and communicate with goEmerchant, the knowledge holders of merchant processing, to ensure you are in the best position possible for the safety of your business.

If you have questions on your next steps in Wodify, please reach out to our stellar team at and they can help you move forward with best practices in the gym.

If you have questions regarding merchant processing you can contact the team at goEmerchant by calling 888-638-7867.



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