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How do I update my Wodify subscription payment method?


This article is for Admins only. If you are an athlete at a gym this article does not apply to you.

Admins can update how they pay Wodify from directly within Wodify Admin.

IMPORTANT: If you are on our Tiered Pricing Model  (Promote, Grow or Engage), please book a call HERE to update your payment method.

For Legacy customers (per athlete pricing model), your Wodify Statement will be generated on the first of every month and will run at midnight on the 2nd of each month. Each statement will cover the previous months' Wodify usage (i.e., payment on your February 1 statement covers your Wodify usage for the month of January).

To update your payment method: 

  1. From within Wodify Admin, click on 'Gym' on the left side navigation at the very bottom and click into 'PAYMENT & BILLING'
  2. Click '+New Payment Method'
  3. Select Credit Card as the payment type and click 'Next: Billing Information' Payment___Billing.jpg
  4. Here you will enter all basic details and account information including the billing address. All information with a red asterisk is required.
  5. Select the 'Payment Contact' from the drop down- this is the admin or manager where we will direct account-related questions and send your monthly receipt
  6. Under the Locations drop down, select all locations whose monthly Wodify invoices should be paid using this payment information
  7. Click 'Next: Card Information'
  8. Here you will add your card or bank information.
  9. Click 'Add Payment Method'

Once this payment method has been added and locations have been selected this will automatically be listed as the default payment method for these locations.

To remove your previous payment method:

  1. Click 'Edit' next to the method you'd like to remove
  2. Select the option to 'Delete'

If you have a second or multiple locations you are able to add a payment method for each individual location, and a separate invoice will be created for each location.


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