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I am selling my gym- what are my next steps?


There are times when a Wodify admin will be selling their gym to a new owner, but keeping the same physical location. When this happens, the new admin has two options

  • A gym is selling to a new owner and keeping the same physical location and same environment (SUGGESTED OPTION).

With this option, the new owner will need to:

      1. Go through Wodify 101 Training
      2. Sign a new Wodify Terms of Service Agreement
      3. Add a new credit card or payment method in 'Gym' > 'Account Info' this will be the payment method used to pay Wodify going forward
      4. Contact the merchant provider to ensure that all membership revenue is deposited into the correct account going forward

With this option, the new owner will NOT need to: 

      1. Re-assign member plans
      2. Work with Wodify to transfer athletes into a new environment
      3. Pay the $100 setup fee for a new environment
      4. Re-enter athlete payment information
  • A gym is selling to a new owner and keeping the same physical location, but will be setting up an entirely new Wodify environment. 

In this scenario, Wodify will: 

      1. Charge a $100 setup fee to the new owner
      2. Setup the new owner with Wodify 101 Training
      3. Build the new environment with class schedule, member plan templates, branding, and merchant information
      4. Manually transfer athletes on an agreed upon date
      5. Transfer payment information- Wodify will need a firm date as to when you would like to stop billing in current environment and resume billing in the new environment
      6. Hold a training call for the new owner to review re-assigning member plans
      7. Deactivate the original environment once the last Wodify invoice is successfully paid
      8. Disable your automatic billing from the old environment on a pre-determined date, which will most likely be the go-live date for the new environment

In this scenario, Wodify will NOT:

      1. Re-assign member plans
      2. Provide the new owner admin access to the previous environment
      3. Export reports or information from the previous environment
      4. Stop any payments from processing in the old environment
      5. Re-create waivers or contracts in the new environment
      6. Add or re-create retail products in the new environment
      7. Disable any existing settings, including website integrations, SMS messaging, mass emails, automated emails, memberships
      8. Be responsible for any unpaid invoices prior to the go-live date of the new environment
      9. Be responsible for any failed transactions that do not attempt to re-run once the processor information has been removed from the original environment

Once athletes have been transferred, the new owner will need to:

      1. Re-assign member plans
      2. Have athletes sign new waivers and membership contracts
      3. Re-create retail products


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