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Beta UI

  • You can now add your Online Sales Portal to your Google Analytics account! You just need to supply your Tracking ID to get up and running with this exciting new feature.
  • Added Membership > Template List, Template Edit, Settings, and Online Membership Edit pages
  • Added the Gym > Online Sales Portal, Info Pages
  • Added WodiFind, Social Details, and Application Logo to the Gym > Location Edit page.
  • WOD Calendar is now the default page when you log in on desktop, for easy access
  • Added small tweaks on the WOD Calendar, for example printing in landscape mode by default
  • Included the day of the week on the WOD List for mobile
  • Added a read-only view of the date, program, and location of a WOD in it's collapsed Basic Details section for quick viewing
  • When adding sections or components on the WOD Edit screen, you no longer need to click the 'add' button, it will happen automatically after selecting a section or component type
  • Enhanced the layouts of the User & Lead Edit pages, and added the ability to detect unsaved changes when navigating away from the page, giving you the opportunity to save them
  • You can now filter the User List page for users with Athlete permissions only by using the new 'Role Is Not' filter 
  • Added 'Reset Password & Send Welcome Email' button to the User Edit page
  • Class Reservations can now be added from the Schedule > Classes page
  • You can now add a payment method on the Gym > Account Info page
  • Filtering on a Product List will now separate product variants
  • Moved the Invoice Footer setup to Financial > Settings under the Invoice Configuration section
  • Added Email Signature tab on the Communication > Settings page.



  • WOD Calendar will no longer fail to appear only show some components due to strange characters in a WOD's description, or lack of a default filter being set. 
  • Longer WODs will no longer bleed out of their cells in the WOD Calendar.
  • Backspacing in a input field on the WOD Edit page will no longer cause the browser to go back a page or refill that input value.
  • Validation is now being performed on the WOD Edit page so you will not see strange errors if there are issues with your inputs.
  • WOD Publishing Time will now save correctly if you don't change it from the default.
  • Decimal values of prices on the Product Edit page are no longer being cut off.
  • The Billing Contact Dropdown on the Gym > Location Edit page will no longer display duplicate users.
  • Suspended tenants that used payroll will no longer continue receiving Coach No-Show emails.
  • Admins should now have no problem if they were unable to delete an old default payment method for Wodify.
  • Updated the payment method list on the Location Edit page to match that on the Account Info page.
  • Updated the multi-select widget for locations allowed for a credit card.
  • The Update Payment Method link in Failed Payment emails has been updated.
  • The error that was thrown when sorting by 'Date Signed' on User Edit > Waivers page has been fixed.
  • Some Lead Forms did not validate that comments were within a specified length, causing them to be truncated when the Lead was created. Validation will now be performed to prevent this.
  • Tags can now be added to a large number of list items using bulk select was without failing.
  • After performing bulk actions for a filtered list, the list would return to its default filter. The current filter will now remain active.
  • The "All/Any" option for Filter Tabs was disappearing under certain circumstances
  • The feedback message when directed to login to Wodify from Zendesk has been centered properly.




  • The Athlete By Membership Type & Athletes with Session Membership reports will now export all of the columns, and the Referral report will now export all records rather than just those shown on the screen.
  • All links to help documentation have been updated to point to our new Help Center.
  • After upgrading to iOS 9, users were unable to update their profile picture using the mobile app - this issue has been resolved and the functionality is now available to Android users as well!
  • Invoice footers will now be included in invoice emails.


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