We have a Wodify environment with 2 locations and would like to split into 2 environments- what now?


If you are using one Wodify environment to manage 2 locations, you may split this into two separate Wodify environments. These locations would then be completely separate, and athletes will not be able to interact with the athletes from the other location. 

In this scenario, Wodify WILL: 

  • Build your new environment with class schedule, member plan templates, merchant information, and branding
  • Charge a $100 setup fee to build out the new environment
  • Transfer payment information on a case by case basis
  • Manually transfer athletes on a pre-determined date, agreed upon by both admins
  • Remove the 2nd location from the original environment once the transfer is complete
  • Determine if any admins, managers, coaches or athletes should maintain access in both environments

In this scneario, Wodify will NOT: 

  • Assign member plans to the transferred athletes
  • Export reports or information from the previous environment
  • Re-create waivers or contracts in the new environment
  • Transfer or cancel any active reservations
  • Disable any existing settings including website integrations, SMS messaging, mass emails, automated emails, memberships
  • Be responsible for any unpaid invoices prior to the go-live date of the new environment
  • Be responsible for any failed transactions that do not attempt to re-run once the processor information has been removed from the original environment
  • Stop any payments from processing in the old environment

Once the transfer is complete, the new owner will need to:

  • Re-assign member plans
  • Have athletes re-sign new waivers and membership contracts
  • Add payment information if a payment transfer did not occur
  • Re-create retail products