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I am closing my gym and my members will be transferring to another Wodify gym- what now?


If your current Wodify gym is closing, you have the option to move all existing athletes into another Wodify environment. 

In this scenario, Wodify WILL

  • Get permission required from the previous gym owner to transfer athletes to a new location on a specified date, agreed upon by both owners
  • Deactivate the original environment once the last Wodify invoice is successfully paid
  • Disable your automatic billing from the old environment on a pre-determined date

In this scenario, Wodify will NOT:

  • Transfer payment information
  • Assign membership plans for the transferred athletes
  • Provide the new owner admin access in the previous environment
  • Export reports or information from the previous environment
  • Disable any existing settings, including website integrations, SMS messaging, mass emails, automated emails, memberships
  • Be responsible for any unpaid invoices prior to the Go-Live date of the new environment
  • Be responsible for any failed transactions that do not attempt to re-run once the processor information has been removed from the original environment
  • Stop any payments from processing in the old environment

Once athletes have been transferred, the new owner will need to:

  • Re-collect payment information
  • Re-assign member plans
  • Have athletes sign new waivers and membership contracts 


IMPORTANT: Please consider the following features in the environment that is being turned off during this transition:

  • Automated emails
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Class Reservations, including no-show and late cancellation fees and emails
  • Payroll
  • Auto-canceling classes
  • WOD Integration
  • Online Sales Portal
  • SMS keyword


IMPORTANT: Please consider taking these items with you before the environment is made inactive:

  • Existing Leads
  • Signed contracts and waivers
  • Retail products and inventory
  • Membership and financial reports
  • Online Sales Portal permalinks
  • Attendance reports


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