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Wodify Workflows contains powerful communication automations to enhance your business's revenue streams and ease of function. As a result, when enabling certain recipes, admins will want to disable automated emails under the Communication tab to prevent duplication. 


In this article, we will discuss:


Note: Please be advised that Wodify automated emails and workflow emails are distinct communication channels within our system. It is crucial to note that when workflows with emails are started, it is necessary to disable specific Wodify automated emails to prevent redundancy and ensure efficient communication. This ensures that recipients do not receive duplicate notifications or conflicting messages.


Here you will find a list of which emails need to be disabled depending on which workflows you have activated:


Recipes and their Comparable Automated Emails

Recipe Name Automated Email to Disable
Lead Launchpad Lead Created From Web Form
Lead Launchpad- Intro Class Prep Free Trial Initial Email
Lead Launchpad- Intro Appointment Prep Free Intro Initial Email
Beyond The Trial Class- Membership Offer Free Trial Follow Up Attended Email
No Show Flow- Intro Class Free Trial Follow Up No Show Email
The Welcome Series: 30 Day On-Ramp Nurture- Client Created Welcome To Wodify Email & New On-Ramp Follow ups- All emails
Membership Momentum- First 60 Days New Client Follow Ups
Membership Momentum- First 90 Days New Client Follow ups- All emails


Disabling Automated Emails

To disable the email go to Communication>Automated Emails>Click into any email>Toggle off to disable:


If you need further assistance with Wodify Workflows, please reach out to us at support@wodify.com


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