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  • Reporting and Dashboards menu items and their pages
  • Importing users from the User List page
  • Store credit balance shown on the Invoices section of an Athlete's profile


  • Revamped the WOD Editor to make WOD creation a breeze on desktop or mobile
  • WOD Preview box on Calendar will be shown in correct location
  • Saving a WOD component before selecting a component will display 'No component selected' instead of 'Metcon'
  • User Edit page upgraded to show user relationships as an expandable section, and allow for toggling between different views under the Memberships and Invoices sections
  • Upgraded UI for Communication, Finance, Membership , Retail, Schedule, and WOD Settings, as well as all List pages
  • Fixed styling on tablets and mobile
  • Lists can be properly filtered by a user-defined tag
  • Tags won't be deleted from a user after a note is added
  • Can reach the pricing step of creating/editing a payment plan for a membership template
  • Gym > Account Info > Payment Methods section will allow you to tie a payment method to a single location
  • Retail > Inventory export will include all selected rows
  • Bulk export of Athletes will include all columns
  • Renamed the Open Accounts Receivable Report to Overdue Accounts Receivable and revamped it to only display unpaid invoices that have a due date in the past, not including today
  • Updated chart styles for reports
  • Choosing 'Send Later' for an email when the current time is past noon will schedule the email to be sent at the proper time
  • Digits after the decimal point will show on the initial screen load of Financial > Settings > Currency Configuration section
  • Waiver Templates with Yes/No questions will be properly validated
  • Added Terms & Conditions link above the Complete Purchase button on the Online Sales Portal checkout for Optimal Tenants (excluding free trials)
  • Fixed typo in Membership > Template Edit title



  • Prevent users with unpaid invoices in the past from being deactivated
  • Stop Auto-Renew will properly store the stop date
  • Added a list of the users and member plans that make up the total value, including membership start and end date and excluding voided invoices, in the Paying Members by Month Report
  • Reconciled data in the New Members Reports and the New Athletes By Month Dashboard
  • Changed the Accounts Receivable Dashboard date range to start with the current month and show the next three
  • Reconciled inventory amounts on Products and Inventory pages
  • Blank WOD sections can be deleted
  • Can process payments with unstored credit cards


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