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Beta UI

  • Made Payroll available
  • Added day of week and date to Classes List on mobile
  • Added notes icon to WOD List


  • Fixed 'Day of Week' filter and some styling on the WOD List
  • Distinguished global from custom affiliate components in the WOD Builder
  • When clicking cancel on a component in the WOD Builder, the component will be properly deleted
  • Fixed WOD Builder being cut off on screens with lower resolution
  • Proper dropdown will be displayed for when adding a custom component in the WOD Builder on mobile
  • Styles fixed on WOD Builder on mobile
  • Fixed athlete creation on mobile
  • Newly created one-off classes can now be cancelled
  • When adding a membership that does not auto-renew, you'll be able to reach the Discounts & Pricing page
  • Payment methods on athlete's account will appear on page after adding them
  • Fixed 'Days in Current Status' filter on the Lead List
  • Bulk delete/change status for Leads will now work when 'all' is checked
  • Editing a Lead's address on their profile will be saved
  • Inventory List can now be sorted by 'Available'
  • Staff permissions can be removed from a user without any higher roles
  • Exporting lists with 'all' checked will now properly include all records
  • Bulk exporting Invoice List with include 'Product Name' field
  • Removed Legacy Wodify 'upload attachment' button on the Automated Email List
  • Fixed redirect to Legacy Wodify from athlete invoices
  • Removed extra row appearing in Session Membership List
  • Made it more obvious on the Athlete Profile if the athlete is inactive


  • Process Payroll will now show past pay periods


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